Other Activities

KG II Passing Out Ceremony

When our pre-schoolers have completed their Pre School education and are ready to move on to their formal education, this is a time we celebrate this progression with love, pride and joy. The kids perform various items on stage to showcase their talents and receive certificates for various accomplishments including certificates of completion.


Kiddies Fair “Singithi Pola”

This is an event organized to introduce the ‘marketplace’ concept to our kids. The kids get involved in and witness the process of buying and selling various goods from different stalls. Home-made food, healthy alternatives, fruits and vegetables, sweets, toys and various other items are made available on this day. The fair is open to parents, staff and the other junior and senior students to enjoy some of their favourites.


School Concert

This is a highly anticipated event by all within our school community, especially for its glamour, grandeur, energy and beauty. All our students take part in the concert and this encourages each and every child to perform in front of an audience, to develop various talents and to identify their own.

Prize Giving

This is organized to award the High Achievers  and Outstanding Performers of Leeds. This is a prestigious event that appreciates and rewards our students who have excelled and staff who are committed. The event encourages our students to strive for excellence, be committed and be better.


Pahan Ceremony

Leeds branches join together to announce and award badges for the Prefect Board of the academic year, for each branch. The prefects light a lamp each to mark the beginning of a new journey towards creating a better school, a better community, a better country and a better world. This event signifies annually the installation of a new set of school leaders, who are usually seen to continue into leadership roles in the society too, upon completing school. All our prefects go through a comprehensive selection process before they can finally be appointed as ‘Junior and Senior Prefects’ of Leeds.These students are then trained, guided and developed to possess key leadership skills through various school-based and external leadership programs.


Educational Trips

One of the highly anticipated activities in our school calendar. Different trips are organized for kids, junior students and senior students separately. The children visit important / historical places and places of interest that are related to their curriculum, while enjoying with schoolmates and teachers along the way. The journey is cherished more, than the destination.