Performing & Fine Arts

Aesthetic activities are very popular among our students and they are trained for these from the Pre School onwards. Aesthetics enable to transcend the Sri Lankan culture and heritage too to our youngsters, in an enjoyable manner. Our students are prepared for western and traditional dancing competitions and Leeds has won 1st places in both senior and junior categories and awards for best creative choreography and best overall performance at InterInternational School level for the past few years. We also conduct our Annual Inter-Leeds Dancing Competition “RANGHABHI” to promote and develop the dancing and theatrical skills and talents of our students.

Elocution and drama clubs have been practiced at Leeds for the past 10 years. These activities aim to improve speech, vocabulary, general use of English and expressiveness of our students.

Students are prepared for elocution examinations / festivals of art from Early Years (KG II) up to Primary 5, and the students may progress further if they choose to.

Our branches have drama clubs and literary associations to create interest and understanding of Language & Literature. We allow our students within our school network to participate in Language & Literature camps, Speech Competitions and so on to create enthusiasm and collaboration among our students.

The Drama Club of Leeds produced the dramas 'OLIVER' in September 2009 and 'RATS' in January 2011 under the direction of Mr. Jerome L. de Silva.

The English & Activity Day is organized annually to encourage students who have performed well in Speech & Essay competitions and to showcase the talents of our students in Drama & Acting.